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Kansas Home Care & Hospice Association

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Kansas Home Care & Hospice Association Code of Ethics


The Kansas Home Care & Hospice Association is the recognized statewide organization that provides leadership, support, and services to the home care and hospice industry. Throughout our history, we have valued and supported those ideals upon which our industry was based.


In order to maintain these high standards, the Kansas Home Care & Hospice Association encourages its membership to embrace and promote the following Code of Ethics:


  1. To act in a manner that will instill confidence, trust and respect in clients, employees, professional peers, organizations, general public and the health care delivery system.
  2. To protect and preserve the basic rights of all clients. KHCHA believes that clients’ rights are built around the following fundamental principles:
    • Respect for life -- all life is precious and should be respected.
    • Autonomy -- all people have the right to be self-determining.
    • Beneficence -- we should attempt to do good; nonmaleficence (the duty not to do harm) is considered more powerful than our obligation to do good.
    • Fidelity -- faithful devotion to duty; loyalty.
    • Distributive justice -- all people should be treated fairly; people should not be discriminated against without just cause.
  3. To interact with the client in an honest manner with value for human dignity based on respect, love and compassion always looking after the client’s physical, psychosocial, spiritual, nutritional and safety needs.
  4. To comply with all state and federal laws and regulations applicable to services delivered and professional activities.
  5. To treat all employees with dignity and respect, and to provide equal employment opportunities based on bona fide job competencies, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability.
  6. To maintain competent and proficient employees and volunteers through the promotion of professional development and continued educational opportunities.
  7. To respect professional confidences.
  8. To maintain the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in a manner that will reflect positively on the association and the health care industry.
  9. To be truthful in all forms of public information and avoid false, misleading, inflammatory, or deceptive information.
  10. To avoid the exploitation of professional relationships for personal gain.
  11. To uphold the values, ethics and mission of this association which is to be recognized as the statewide organization that provides leadership, support and services to the home care and hospice industry.        


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